Who is the GOAT?

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Derek Fisher has been involved in basketball his whole life and there was one dominant player, that without a doubt was the best player of all time. After playing against and coaching against LeBron James, Fisher has no idea who the GOAT is.

But the fact that he’s forcing us to think about it right now, I think that tells you everything you need to know.”

The Jordan vs. LeBron debate has reached fascinating heights as millions of people lean in each direction. To simply put it, maybe we cannot decide. The game has evolved and new players have surfaced that it is hard to decipher who the greatest of all time is.

So what LeBron is doing is amazing and it’s hard for me to pick one guy because it’s no way for us to know, based on these eras and these different rules of the game, who would still do what they are doing or had done, if the rules were different when they played.”

Opinions come into play and Fisher feels as if this discussion should carry on when James decides to hang them up.

Check out Derek’s thoughts here.