Lakers Lose to Bucks in OT

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In a game where the Lakers were down 14 going into the fourth quarter, the injury-riddled squad almost hobbled away victorious. Kyle Kuzma attempted a game winning three that ultimately fell short, but Derek Fisher saw many positives in the effort to win.

“Kuz really has a driving lane to either go to the rim make a play for himself…late in the game, lot of minutes being played, off balance, contested” Fisher said.

Even though that isn’t the shot the Lakers needed, the play was perfectly designed. Unfortunately, it lacked the execution. This team is extremely young and these games will benefit them down the stretch especially when the core comes back from injury.

“Tough possession down the stretch and turnovers each way, low percentage shot opportunities, the Bucks are tired on a back-to-back, Lakers missing a lot of guys who are normally in this situation.”

With the playoffs out of reach, Fisher applauded the Lakers effort in the 124-122 OT loss.

“Valiant effort, still had a chance to win…Lakers followed the game plan fairly well.”

There are seven games left and in order to plan for the future, you need to see how the players respond to the adversity of a losing season. Fisher documents what the Lakers need to accomplish in the last part of the season to finish strong and efficiently.

“Finishing this season strong really centers around focusing on the things that this team can control – it’s not about what the opponent is going to do over the last seven games, but the things that the Lakers can control: the proper defensive rotations, switching when you need to switch, executing the plays that Luke calls coming out of the timeout to perfection.”