Favorite Room

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Derek Fisher has let us into his home to observe his favorite room, his home office. 

This office is to “get away from the madness,” as there are hardly any basketball related objects in the room.

“I’ve been gifted lots of pictures of myself, but I don’t really put them up,” said the former Lakers point guard and five-time champion. “I don’t like to have my jerseys on the wall.”

Living in a Mediterranean-style San Fernando Valley home with his girlfriend Gloria Govan while having a combined five children between the two, the energy in the house is always upbeat. However, his office is a quiet spot to work on his undergraduate degree in applied communications. This is a personal goal for Fisher as he promised his parents he’d finish his degree when he withdrew from college to be draft eligible.

“For a long time I wanted to, but I never did — I signed up for a couple of classes and I would withdraw when I would get too busy,” said Fisher, now a television analyst after a stint as head coach of the New York Knicks. “But life happens, and perspective changes, and I owed my parents that.”

LA Times offered a nice Q & A about this special room:

Why is this your favorite room in the house?

“There’s a warmth and a coziness to it which makes me feel like I’m at home. It’s a place of peace. It helps me feel creative and innovative and forward-thinking.”

You didn’t do Laker purple for your walls.

“No, I don’t need reminders of myself in terms of the team and the Lakers. I think a home is just a home and when people walk in, who you are and what you used to do shouldn’t be the first thing that they connect with. It should be the energy in the house, the love in the house that they should feel.”

We all know NBA star Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers, but what everyone is finding out is that basketball doesn’t define him. Sure, it may be what he is known for but there is so much to him that the public eye has yet to notice. His strong presence in his family’s life is amazing and is cherished in the Fisher household.