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Derek Fisher was invited on-air by TNT to help call the Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers game as a part of the Players Only broadcast segment.

Kyrie Irving is fitting in great after moving from Cleveland to Boston in the offseason. Irving can score from all over the court, working his way through the paint.

The Lakers have a lot to prove, playing with a very young lineup. Rookie Kyle Kuzma out of Utah has been making a statement around the league. Kuzma hits an early 3-pointer before finishing the night with a monster 17-point 4th quarter.


The Lakers aren’t the only team with young studs. Check out this splash from Marcus Smart on some great ball movement by the Celtics.

The Celtics took a 53-45 lead into the half led by Kyrie and his 13 first-half points.

Can’t stop strength in the paint. Watch Julius Randle muscle his way up for a strong layup.

Best point guard in the league? I’m sure Kyrie would agree.

We told you to wait for a Kyle Kuzma endorsed 4th quarter. Here’s a reason why:

It officially became the Kyle Kuzma show.

Uncle Drew, who can stop you?

Kuzma and Irving went bucket for bucket, but the young-gun Lakers edged out the Celtics, 108-107.

For more on Kyle Kuzma’s huge night, check out these clips:

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