Fish, Lakers Rolling

//Fish, Lakers Rolling

Fish, Lakers Rolling

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Playing the most he has so far this cheap NBA jerseys pre-season, Derek turned in a vintage 2007 performance in San Diego on Thursday, and Los Angeles came away with a 102-98 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

Not one of the 26 minutes that No.2 spent on the floor was wasted, and he finished the night with a familiarly efficient 12 points, 3 assists and 5 boards. – Nice just one less than his 7 foot teammate Andrew Bynum.

A few days earlier, Derek had mentioned that the Lakers needed to play with “urgency” this season, and that was precisely what he brought to the game against Charlotte.

Not coincidently, it was the Lakers fourth consecutive win.

Derek and the Lakers held their collective breath during the second quarter of the game as wholesale NFL jerseys Kobe Bryant hyperextended his knee. Tests scheduled for tomorrow will reveal the severity of the injury. No. 2 like the rest KNOW of the Lakers are hoping for nothing but good news

The wholesale jerseys Los Angeles Lakers will hope that a Aufsehen 2nd go, a Kobe-less Laker team, and an hour drive north to Anaheim won’t be enough to get the Bobcats in the win column when «хозяин» they take on Charlotte for the second consecutive game in the “Los Angeles City”of Anaheim.