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During his career, Derek has become the keystone for clutch shots in pivotal situations. So it came as no surprise when, after the Lakers again ran rampant through the regular season and postseason in 2009-2010, Derek showed up big in the Finals once more.

The Lakers were locked in a tight battle with the Boston Celtics as the two waged an epic rematch of the 2008 Finals. Through two games, the series was tied at one apiece and no moment in the series was more important than Derek’s remarkable layup in Game 3 to seal the win for the Lakers.

With LA in front by four and just under a minute remaining, Derek drove the length of the court and threw up a left-handed layup over Celtics big-men Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis. The electrifying finish gave the Lakers a 2-1 lead in the series.

Boston would go on to win the next two games at home, sending the Lakers back to LA with the series on the brink. But the Los Angeles endured thanks in no small part to Derek’s leadership and consistency, including two big treys in Game 7. The victory gave D-Fish his fifth championship ring in seven Finals appearances.

“You have to be in The Finals seven times before you can make big plays in The Finals,” Derek said. “If you don’t make it to The Finals, then there’s no big plays to be made.”